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GasFlo Products Vacuum Pump Components Division
Enjoy single source convenience for many items you need to service vacuum pumps:
Rotors, Shafts, Cast Iron Vanes & Spring Holders
Rings, Sleeves & Other Precision Machined Metal Components
Component Remanufacture
Custom Short Run Precision Machining (On Request)
Gaskets Cut & Beaded to Order

We stock products for Dry, Scroll, Vane  & Piston pumps as well as Blowers - including items for many obsolete pumps.

Your Gasflo Advantage

Gasflo's goal is to help you economically maintain vacuum pumps and keep them in service longer by providing not only lower cost common wear items, but also machined components that otherwise may be hard to find or very expensive. 

As pumps get older, more machined components like plates and rotors need to be replaced.  Having a source for readily available, less expensive components helps you keep repair costs down and justify putting that pump back on line instead of replacing it with a new pump.   

Obsolete Pump Support

We also supply parts and components for many pumps that are out of production and no longer supported by the OEM. 

Component Remanufacture


A tremendous way to reduce repair costs is by utilizing our component remanufacture services.  Your worn end plates are surface ground and refitted with bushings to original specifications.  Rotors and shafts are resurfaced with our proprietary flame sprayed stainless steel composite material that is more resistant to abrasion and chemical attack than original uncoated OEM components.   Get new life from worn components at a fraction of the cost of new replacement!  Blocks re-bored on request.

Better Quality, Better Delivery

Cost is not your only Gasflo Advantage.  You can be confident that our parts perform as well or better than OEM spare parts.  In many cases, Gasflo incorporates a more expensive material or design, while still offering a very competitive price.

For better protection during transit and storage, Gasflo parts are individually packaged in poly-bags in the quantity required to service most pump models. 

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